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09 Jun Modular Classrooms - An ideal Solution!

Modular Classrooms - Maximising teaching space without compromising social distancing

This week marked the return of some academic year groups following lockdown. Many changes have been made, such as floor markings, additional furniture to allow for social distancing and enabling students to have their own stationary. Teaching staff around the country have done an amazing job keeping their staff and students safe. Parents are confident that the schools are ready, and the school is safe.

Unfortunately, schools are consequently operating with fewer students, less than half the number in some schools. Not only that, the students now take up twice the desk space they would normally use. Managing the space issue is a real problem.

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September 2020?

It gets worse as we move to full attendance in September. In order for the whole school to return to full teaching capacity the coronavirus threat needs to be minimised. We know that social distancing is here to stay, at least until a vaccine is found. Schools therefore need to find more useable space to achieve this. Social distancing and the use of ‘teaching bubbles’ to limit contact between students and staff is a must. But finding additional usable, safe teaching space is the issue.

This is where we can help. A modular building is a quick way to expand capacity and help ensure your school copes with the crisis.

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Click on the image to view our case study for Brewwod School                                                    Click on the image to view our case study for Mountjoy School                                          Click on the image to view our case study for Moor House School

Modular Classrooms - The way forward

Modular classrooms are the quickest solution for addressing the current space issues in schools. Modular units can be installed in weeks. If the work is carried out in term time them modular buildings are a far safer construction method due to less site traffic. Modular classrooms can be tailored to fit any school or requirement. They can be attached to existing buildings very easily to form extensions or that can be standalone buildings.

                                   External ExampleIMG_9568from acr_1Modulek LTD - Fair Furlong Primary School - 002

Click on the image to view our case study for Fair Furlong  School                                        Click on the image to view our case study for Walthamstow Academy                       Click on the image to view our case study for Stourfield Infant School

Being prepared

The construction of modular classrooms is far cheaper and cost effective than any other way of delivering new classroom and education facilities. To find out how we can help your school, please get in touch with our design and projects team on ………..we can help with every aspect of the build, giving you time to focus on what really matters.



What next?

If you would like a free assessment to understand how to utilise fully your school’s space that delivers maximum value to all users, please get in touch today. Our design team will advise you on how best to deliver a building that would increase the profitability and enhance the value of your marina. We simplify all the stages and are on hand to help you every step of the way to ensure the process is as easy as possible.

Modulek Timelines-Schools

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Why choose Modulek’s hybrid solution

Modulek are experts in helping and supporting clubs to deliver the best training facilities. We have the experience to support our claim to be the UK’s leading modular building provider for sports training facilities. We have worked with many different sports that means we can advise on all aspects of the design and fit out.

Our no fee designs encourage teams to be prepared. We manage the build from conception to completion, consulting with you every step of the way.

If you need help with a project, whether it is just a gleam in your eye or even subject to planning, we can help. Do please get in touch, we would be happy to offer our advice and support to save time, minimise disruption and get your training facility up and running in the shortest possible time.

By asking all the right questions now you can plan as much as possible. If you would like to understand modular building further or need help introducing contingency or scenario estates plans into your organisation, please get in touch with Modulek. We specialise in modular building and help to deliver schemes from conception to completion, which is why we are a favoured choice by many.

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