25 Aug Why it may be time you gave your school buildings an uplift

Inspire your students with state-of-the-art learning environments

All teachers want to inspire their students. It has been often said ‘tomorrow starts today’. It really is important that students experience state-of-the-art learning, and a modular classroom will do just that, taking student’s learning to the next level.

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 3 Key Reasons why your school building might be due for a revamp                              
1. Covid-19

With September fast approaching, many schools are preparing to open their doors. With critical decisions to be made, and important preparations, time is fast running out for finding a solution to those urgent space requirements.

With Covid-19 still a very real threat, social distancing measures are still in place. For schools, this means that they are faced with the challenge of not having enough teachers to supervise students.

Have you considered a modular classroom? Using a modular classroom provides you with space to accommodate on-site remote learning, giving students that all-important teacher-student interaction.

Modular classrooms can be delivered, with minimal disruption, ensuring that your school will be ready for the new school year, whilst keeping students, parents and teachers safe.


Fair Furlong

Click on the image to view our case study for Fair Furlong School.

2. A growing student population

The school student intake is something that keeps on increasing. For many schools that are already crowded, the need for more space has become something which is now not just a want but an urgent need.

Overcrowded classrooms present schools with significant challenges that can impact students and teachers. Overcrowded classrooms can impact learning, increase noise disturbances, and reduce access to key learning resources that are required for student success.

However schools can be proactive and efficient, ensuring that they are a step ahead. In this situation, the only real solution is construction of new classrooms.

Modular classrooms are one of the fastest and most cost-effective solutions for schools that are overcrowded. School buildings can be fully customised, so whether you are looking to add classrooms, yoga studios, dance halls, canteens or even a medical area, modular buildings can meet all of your educational space requirements.

Ecoo Classroom

3. Old facilities

It is important that your facilities are kept up-to-date. Often school buildings need technology upgrades and space upgrades. Studies have shown that key features such as light, colour and space-utilization all have significant impacts on student learning.

Modular school buildings are designed with students in mind. This means that the buildings integrate state-of-the-art learning equipment, and are built to inspire.

Using a bespoke range of features will mean that your school building can be configured to meet your needs. Whether that be sensory features such as curved walls, or large open-plan classrooms to suit modern day learning pedagogy, your classrooms will ensure that your students requirements are met.

What next?

So now you are aware that your school building well may need an upgrade.

Modern modular school buildings are a high-quality, cost-effective sustainable solution, perfect for any school that is requiring an upgrade in facilities.

So if you are feeling overwhelmed, why not contact our friendly team on 01202 813121, who will be able to help you gain maximum value from your classroom space.


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