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16 Apr Modular training facilities - Be ahead of the game

Modular training facilities

As you already know it’s never advisable to make last minute, rushed decisions.

However, in sport it can be unavoidable. With clubs battling for position, each result can change standings and fortunes very suddenly. For better or for worse. The league position is not the only variable. Each club is also competing to attract local support and for some it is international support. The training facilities available to the club is therefore a critical element of success.

This makes the decision to invest in new training facilities a complex one. It can be one of the largest commitments a club can make.

AFC Bournemouth

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Traditional approach to upgrading the facilities

You agree that the facilities need upgrading, you find the land, you review the financials, you agree a budget, you plan, and the building firm delivers. Using traditional build practices, the project usually takes a minimum of 9 months and completely disrupts the training schedule.

However, it isn’t always that straightforward. Due to official guidelines, clubs could be forced to upgrade facilities at very short notice if they are promoted. In that case, decisions have to be made quickly. If the shortage of time means poor decisions are made, the interruption and disruption of the construction project could have a greater detrimental effect on the team’s operations.

But not if it is completed quickly and during the close season. That’s where we can help.

A cost effective solution offering minimal disruption to training schedules

Modular construction. This method minimises disruption and is delivered months ahead of traditional construction timelines.

How can we achieve this? Modular construction is significantly faster than traditional build as different elements happen simultaneously. As the site is being cleared the actual modules are prepared in sections in a dedicated, controlled factory environment, all manufactured to current building standards with a guaranteed life span beyond 60 years

Modulek – the one stop shop

One of the significant advantages of working with Modulek is that we can support your club at all stages whenever you decide to deliver a new building.

As an example, if you agree the design by the end of April, you can have your bespoke building by the end of August. Complete, handed over, ready for use immediately.

Don’t delay – plan ahead

Get ahead of the game. Planning ahead is good practice that ensures you have multiple build options dependent on success and club need.

Below is a diagram that explains how your decision could be in two phases.

  • Phase 1 – Review the need and the options available including needs, timelines, costs and space. In essence it’s everything you need to consider before you commit to the manufacturing and delivery of your units. This phase allows you to consider your options without undue time pressure.
  • Phase 2 – Commence the project when the time is right.

You can save so much time can by considering the issues in Phase 1 as soon as is possible. This saved time supports your club if circumstances force you to making a late decision. Financial commitment takes place only when the time is absolutely right. Being prepared if you have to make a speedy decision is incredibly important.

Modulek Timelines Sports

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Why choose Modulek’s hybrid solution

Modulek are experts in helping and supporting clubs to deliver the best training facilities. We have the experience to support our claim to be the UK’s leading modular building provider for sports training facilities. We have worked with many different sports that means we can advise on all aspects of the design and fit out.

Our no fee designs encourage teams to be prepared. We manage the build from conception to completion, consulting with you every step of the way.

If you need help with a project, whether it is just a gleam in your eye or even subject to planning, we can help. Do please get in touch, we would be happy to offer our advice and support to save time, minimise disruption and get your training facility up and running in the shortest possible time.

By asking all the right questions now you can plan as much as possible. If you would like to understand modular building further or need help introducing contingency or scenario estates plans into your organisation, please get in touch with Modulek. We specialise in modular building and help to deliver schemes from conception to completion, which is why we are a favoured choice by many.

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