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18 May Keep your employees & business "Covid-19 - Secure"

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With businesses contemplating returning to work it is vital that employees are reassured that it is safe to do so. With a vaccine far off and talks of multiple waves of infections the emphasis on having a robust and methodical process for preventing viral spread is paramount.

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What do we know?

The advice from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and UK government is  that Covid-19 is primarily transmitted via respiratory droplets. Coughing and sneezing spreads the virus by direct contact on contaminated surfaces. And it hangs around. There have been many studies into how long the virus can stay active on surfaces for, many believing it to be 72hrs and others saying certain surface like cardboard could be as much as 28 days.



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What can we do?

One thing we do know is that decontamination with bleach and alcohol-based products will eliminate or reduce transmission.

There has also been a lot of debate regarding face masks, some evidence suggests that viral particles can pass through the mask, therefore minimising the benefits. However, the main use of masks is to slow viral transmission via sneezing and coughing.

These are the agreed ways to protect employees and visitors:

  • Regular use of hand sanitiser or hand washing
  • Gloves
  • Face Masks
  • Regular surface cleaning with bleach and alcohol-based products
  • Limit unnecessary visitors
  • 2m social distancing


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Reassuring the team

It’s so important in this crisis to reassure employees that measures are in place for their protection, to keep them and their families safe. These measures should be simple to follow and common across the whole business. The methods chosen should suit the business operational needs and be as painless as possible to ensure staff are following protocol correctly. If the process is easy it will also ensure that it is followed.

Quick check for possible infection

There is one further way to offer support and protection. The WHO has stated that many Covid-19 suffers are unaware they have been infected. But they almost certainly have a significant temperature increase. This is fast becoming the way to check larger numbers of people to identify and isolate the few with potential Covid-19.

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OK2 - Solving the problem now?

OK2 Arrive is a temporary pod that can be placed at the business entrance. It acts as a one-stop-shop to ensure safe entry to work – the pod incorporates a temperature scanner to identify possible infection before they enter. There is a schematic of the OK2 Arrive pod below.

Employees enter the pod, have their temperature taken automatically. Only those people with a ‘normal’ temperature gain access to the premises through the fever scanning system’s connection to automatically operated release doors to the next stage: a Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) stations, to hand sanitizer and apply any chosen equipment i.e. gloves, mask, apron. The pods can process 3 people at a time, 1 in the fever scanner stage and 2 at the PPE stage

Those who register with an elevated temperature are invited to a secondary check where they can be dealt with accordance with company policies for returning to work symptom-free.

Multi-stage state-of-the art thermal CCTV screening system

  1. On approach to the cabin: a motion sensor activates a multicolour LED outside to show Green if free or Red if someone is occupying the first stage of the OK2 Arrive cabin. If the light is showing green,  the member of staff can proceed, if light is showing red,  they wait until it turns to green, usually after a couple of seconds.
  2. Once inside the cabin, the user walks past the remote operation fever scanner camera. OK2 Arrive comes with a high definition thermal device accurate to +/- 0.5 degree centigrade, which not only gives an accurate temperature reading of your skin from a distance, but detects a human face, therefore avoiding false readings from other equipment in the cameras field of view.
  3. The movement of the person activates the door to automatically open to the next area if their temperature reading is OK. The electromechanical door operator has a quiet operation, is completely touch free and housed in a hygienic wipeable aluminium casing.
  4. If the temperature is above normal the door remains closed and a warning light flashes, and the scanning device gives an audible recorded voice warning inviting the person to check before attempting again. An option extra is available for a warning call or email to be automatically placed to the management. This is especially useful if the cabin is being used in self-service mode or in tandem with other units under the same operator’s responsibility.

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Technical Information

The OK2 Arrive cabin comes with the integrated temperature scanning and automatic door as standard.

The package includes:

  • Motion detector device for traffic light system
  • Automatic door trigger device
  • Thermal camera with robust casing
  • 4 channel Network Video Recorder
  • Optional hard drive for recording where data protection allows
  • 22” Monitor and mouse
  • Operator’s desk
  • Electromechanical door opening mechanism
  • Door locking feature
  • Hand sanitiser dispenser with sanitiser gel
  • Glove dispenser with one-size vinyl disposal gloves
  • Mask dispenser (where applicable)
  • Storage space for PPE supplies
  • Highly secure exit doors
  • Interior lighting
  • Overall dimensions 6.06m length x 2.44m width

Optional extras:

  • DDA compliant ramps
  • Air conditioning
  • Anti-bacterial surface treatment

For more information on hire and purchase of one or multiple units please visit https://www.modulek.co.uk/ok2/

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