How can modular construction benefit my school?

If I said “prefab classrooms” to you, you would most likely grimace....

Off-site Construction - The Green Revolution

What is the true potential of modular construction?

Back to school, back to green

Head back to school but head forward to think about tomorrow's...

Why it may be time you gave your school buildings an uplift

Inspire your students with state-of-the-art learning environments

Modulek Eco

Modular Construction - The eco- friendly solution

Why are modular buildings better for the environment?

Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C.

Modular sport facilities - Nurturing grassroots level sporting success

Nurturing grassroots level sporting success

Hamble Marina

Offsite construction - What lessons can we draw from the Covid crisis

The pro - COVID period

Danes Hill School

Modular Classrooms - An ideal Solution!

Modular Classrooms - Maximising teaching space without compromising...

OK2 Arrive

Keep your employees & business "Covid-19 - Secure"

Modulek innovates and brings you the OK2 solution

Minimising disruption – Modular school buildings

Modular school buildings