Off-site Construction - The Green Revolution

What is the true potential of modular construction?

Why it may be time you gave your school buildings an uplift

Inspire your students with state-of-the-art learning environments

Modulek Eco

Modular Construction - The eco- friendly solution

Why are modular buildings better for the environment?

Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C.

Modular sport facilities - Nurturing grassroots level sporting success

Nurturing grassroots level sporting success

Hamble Marina

Offsite construction - What lessons can we draw from the Covid crisis

The pro - COVID period

Danes Hill School

Modular Classrooms - An ideal Solution!

Modular Classrooms - Maximising teaching space without compromising...

OK2 Arrive

Keep your employees & business "Covid-19 - Secure"

Modulek innovates and brings you the OK2 solution

Minimising disruption – Modular school buildings

Modular school buildings

Hamble Point Marina

Offsite Construction - Make your Marina a centre of excellence

Exploring ways to increase revenue – Modular marina buildings

Wolverhamtpon Wanderers F.C.

Modular training facilities - Be ahead of the game

Modular training facilities